Spirit Dancer

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When I dance, I get out of the way and let Spirit move me.  I dance, alongside my ancestors, a prayer for myself, for the earth, and for all my relations. I dance a reflection of the beauty, love, and power that resides in every human being. I dance to awaken every heart to the unification of all peoples. I dance for the healing of our relations as humans and the recognition that each person is our brother or sister. I dance to heal our relationship with the Earth, nature, and all the elements to bring back the Garden of Eden to fruition.



Creator's Dream


Balance from this point unseen,

Center of time and space, Creator's dream.

The totality of all, to us unknown,

But the clarity of now is plainly shown

Cosmic alignment pierces each third eye,

Illuminating the core of where this truth lies.

Revealing the convergent consciousness,

The accumulating understanding of love and forgiveness.

The scales are tipping, the age is shifting,

Paradigms are flipping into life's next evolutionary manifestation.

Wakefully surrendering into divine realization,

That existence itself is bliss!

Every pain, tear, and fear is a reward for you just being here.

Congratulation! You have the privilege of arriving in this universe!

Drink the nectar of life and let it quench your thirst!

From this point of balance, may I gently suggest,

that you gratefully accept and say yes,

when Creator, in wonderful omniscience,

offers you the chance to dance!

~Erina Love, March 2015

A link to more poetry coming soon!

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No Longer A Game

Last night I witnessed my ego try to harden my heart.

The satisfaction of pushing you away was sweet but short.

Withholding my affection, so I could share the hurt and pain,

A pattern so old and so vain.

As I lay there, wrapped in my cloak of smug self-righteousness,

Sharp pains began stabbing my chest.

At once the satisfaction fell away,

Replaced by lonliness, our separation no longer a game to play.

The pains grew sharper, alerting me to the truth,

Shut love out, and scars will be your proof.

The prize will be leaky valves and hardened arteries,

high blood pressure, and heart disease.

A loosing battle with no winner

Just so I could hold on to my anger!

Thank God for the foresight to see this now,

So I can choose to love, to soften, and allow

Thank God for the courage to put away my pride,

And scoot closer to you, to by you side.

I love you, I'm sorry I pulled away,

In your loving embrace is where I want to stay.

Pull me closer, kiss me gently, my sweet.

Let's make love instead of going to sleep.

Together is so much better than apart,

To you, my love, I open my heart.

~Erina Love, November 2014

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