Erina was drawn to the healing arts due to a deep love and intuition of the human body's ability to heal itself. Physical Therapy seemed to be the perfect career choice, so she made her way through school, earning a Bachelors of Science with and emphasis in Fitness and her clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

By the end of graduate school in 2011, Erina was over-stressed, overweight, and in chronic pain; which required her to give up running, kickboxing and yoga. The pain escalated to the point that she required custom-built orthotics in order to walk even minimal distances. Traditional manual physical therapy could relieve pain temporarily, but it would always return. Depression set it and she began self-medicating to numb the physical, mental, and emotional pain.

Fortunately, She developed a friendship and mentorship that led to Tai Chi. This began the journey of self-discovery and understanding the mental, emotional, and spiritual connections to physical health. She found her healing power lying in wait. Using Tai Chi, diet & lifestyle modifications, meditation, exploration, prayer, and play, she emerged out of pain and dysfunction. She was able to return to running, yoga, and dance, and quickly found herself living her dream of performing as an artist, dancer, and an aerialist.

Greater than any formal education, the process of self-discovery led to the understanding of health from the holistic perspective. True healing only occurs when emotional, mental, and spiritual healing align with the physical. Body, mind, and spirit transformed, Erina now devotes her life to inspire others to embark on their own journey of self-love and self-discovery.

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Erina and her husband Sahuna (aka Craig Kohland) have made their home in Nevada City, CA. Often on the road, their travels consist of facilitating, producing, supporting, and performing at ecstatic dances, transformational festivals, and prayer ceremonies.


Erina shares her practice of Tai Chi at festivals as well as directs the performing arts aspect of Shamans Dream. When working with private clients, she integrates her knowledge of therapeutic exercise, anatomy & physiology, pathology, as well as how spiritual and emotional health and wellbeing directly relate to physical ailments.