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To address pain, regardless of the cause, it is beneficial to learn to be open to the healing, to remove any blocks to your qi, to engage in practices that make for a strong and flexible body temple, and to use a spiritual practice with a heart-centered focus. Love is an essential part of healing any injury or malady, it has been present in every moment of healing ever. To become conscious of this is to harness love's power for even more swift and complete healing.

The purpose of our session will be to tap into each of these pillars of healing. Your session may or may not include manual therapy (joint mobilization, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, neuromuscular re-education, etc), massage, instruction in Tai Chi, postural education, therapeutic exercise, emotional release techniques, prayer and various other spiritual practices.


My intention is to use all the tools at my disposal to assist you in discovering your own healing power, to claim it, and use it for the evolution of your whole being.  Together we will meet your prayer for optimal health and happiness.

Healing through LOVE. Living through JOY.

Dr. Erina Love, Licensed Physical Therapist

Devoted to Healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Our qi, or life-force energy, must flow freely through our body and in exchange with the environment for optimal health and vitality.  Trauma, whether physical, emotional, or otherwise, can block this flow of energy and cause illness or dis-ease. Our bodies have a remarkable ability to heal themselves as long as our qi flows freely.  This requires some level of conscious awareness and cooperation by the one inhabiting the body. The food we eat, products we use, environment and activities in which we engage can all affect, either positively or negatively, our health and vitality.

When the physical body experiences an injury, there is often emotional upset at the onset and during the healing process; however, many of us ignore these difficult emotions or are completely unaware of them. This can lead to either delayed physical healing or continued pain and discomfort even after there is no lingering physical damage.  For this reason, it is important to address and move through the difficult emotions that accompany a physical injury.

Pain and discomfort can also present themselves without an acute physical trauma, but our brain perceives pain anyway. This can alert us to difficult emotions that we are not moving through, thought patterns we are not letting go of, or habits that may cause us damage if they continue.

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Healing Prayer and Medicine Ceremonies 

Private Sessions

Erina and Sahuna offer healing prayer ceremonies with the intention of holding a container for all those who come in a good way to make a clear and simple prayer for their lives. All medicines that accompany the ceremony are in service to our shared prayer for unlimited health and happiness for our own benefit and for the benefit of all our relations.


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Medicine Path N.A.C is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that relies on your financial contributions to support its intention to offer sacred ceremonies and continuous ongoing support to all who come in a good way. Your contribution also enables Medicine Path to offer material support to our friends who share this intention. Without your financial support, Medicine Path N.A.C. cannot offer these ceremonies. Thank you for your support.