Tai Chi

Use the principles of Tai Chi to discover your healing power and healing within movement. Tai Chi Chuan can be translated into "The Supreme Ultimate Fist". As an internal martial art, it is practiced in accordance with Taoist philosophy, and used for healing and defense training, Yin and Yang.  By applying the principles of Tao philosophy and Tai Chi to any life activity, we can discover, cultivate, and develop our qi or life-force.  The unobstructed flow of chi through our bodies, is the flow of energy which heals us. It is our inherent medicine.


Tai Chi can be practiced by anyone, regardless of fitness level or physical ability.  Learn how to develop awareness of your qi, while connecting this energy flow to posture and movement. In a workshop or class setting or during private instruction, I share my practice of using qi-cultivating exercises, a short Yang form, and push hands exercises.


By combining my knowledge and skills as a physical therapist with the teachings of Tai Chi, my mission is to be a guide in full conscious body manifestation. It is possible to not only move beyond pain, but to optimize health, increase vitality, and improve your performance in any activity.

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141212_ecstatic-HI_0482 (1)


Devoted to Movement Medicine

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is a free form movement practice, accompanied by music to provide an opportunity to journey into self-discovery and embody our teacher-self. Our body’s intelligence is vast; following it can unlock that which blocks us from our fullest potential; allowing for deep transformation, emotional release, open-hearted connection, celebration, and fun!


An ecstatic dance workshop can be added prior to any ecstatic dance set. This workshop can help introduce the practice of ecstatic dance, create a strong and cohesive container for transformation, assist participants in "dropping in" to become centered, present, and embodied, and give guidelines as to how to enhance the experience by interacting with others.

Erina and her husband, Sahuna Love (aka Craig Kohland) of Shamans Dream are able to offer a full package workshop + ecstatic dance DJ set.


A curated musical journey of various rhythms and genres create the canvas, your exploration of self is the art. Bring an open mind and willingness to explore with the heart of a child. 


Erina has shared her Tai Chi practice with Ecstatic Dance Retreat, Flow Fest, and the Hawaii Tantra Festival on the Big Island of Hawaii; Envision in Costa Rica; Beloved in Oregon; Imagine in Washington; Lucidity, Lightning in a Bottle, Enchanted Forest, StillDream, Symbiosis, and at Esalen Institute in California.

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